Published Works

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Worst House in the Street and Poke – in Trickster’s Treats #2







Effigia Malo – in Midnight Echo volume 12





Arachnight & TD LP

Arachnight & Tasmanian Devils







Crush – in the anthology Anemone Enemy





SOTS newScar On The Sky






cvr-350Life, Death & Taxes – in the anthology Twisted Tax Tales





15622003_10154893745918793_8600126402198665178_nWhite Christmas – in the anthology All I Want For Christmas




15385361_10154877866561388_8992729506224337970_oAll I Want – in the anthology Hell’s Bells





Crack, and Angel’s Song in the anthology Spooky Halloween Drabbles 2016




tasmaniandevilsTasmanian Devilsshort story.





Grieve2016The Toothbrush Incident in the anthology Grieve: Stories and Poems for Grief Awareness Month , Volume 4.




AngelaJM-300dpi-3125x4167 2Dylan’s Rock: A Rock Star Romancenovel




arachnight-new-1Arachnight: A Horror Short Storystand alone edition.





WAIVArachnight – Short story published in the anthology Writers Anarchy IV: Horror